Case studies in psychotherapy


In due course, we hope to make collections of these BP case studies publicly available through various media. Download a PDF copy of these guidelines.

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European Association for Body Psychotherapy Connecting professionals, exchanging expertise, enabling collaboration. Find an organisation Find a member Contact Login. He was able to test reality and realize that his father would be ok and would still love him if he were to make a lot of money.

Healing in the psychotherapeutic session

He was able to recognize that his sense of masculinity did not have to be tied to how much money he made. Roger was enabled to choose a challenging, and reasonably well remunerated position, which suited his emotional and financial needs. Sandy name changed , a thirty something corporate employee, caused his own suffering through his efforts to become rich and famous.

He came to see me, devastated because he had lost his girlfriend and had also become isolated from his friends. A big part of the reason for this was that he was very disappointed that he had not achieved the salary level that he thought he should have reached by this time in his life. And so, outside of his day job, he had become so obsessed with working on an entrepreneurial project, which he hoped would make him rich and famous, that he no longer had time for friends or other enjoyments.

He had moved in with his girlfriend and was letting her pay the rent, while he invested whatever money he made in this project.

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He had assumed that she would be happy to share in his dream and would want to spend her life with him. Once he had put this into words he could see what he had been doing.

He realized how isolated he made himself and he moaned, "How could I have become so greedy that I forgot about my friends and didn't pay attention to what my girlfriend needed? With a bit of encouragement from me, he began reaching out to the friends he had been ignoring and he started allowing time in his life for recreation.

This encouragement was meant to help him find both pleasure and social connection to counteract his misery.

Psychotherapy Case Study

When he started dating women again Sandy didn't assume they would want the same things from a relationship that he did. And began asking what they wanted.

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This did not automatically make him happier. He complained to me that the women he was meeting were all looking for a man to support them financially rather than sharing this responsibility.

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I was able to help him recognize, however, that not all women would be like the ones he was meeting and I suggested that he engage in activities that he would enjoy, were he could meet women who shared some of his interests. One of the things, I pointed out to him was that he found the project on which he was working, inherently interesting and it provided an opportunity for him to express his creativity in a way that his day job did not.

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