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I was super happy. The things our readers are most proud of will make you appreciate your own achievements both big and small. A homely scent, a chill in the air, and a comfy bed — these are the things I remember when I was sucking my thumb and falling asleep back when I was little. What a simple and carefree life! In my earliest memory, I am standing on a field, throwing breadcrumbs to ducks. At the time, the ducks were quite intimidating because they were bigger than me.

I also vaguely recall running through a hotel room looking for some sort of snack, but that memory is very hazy. Send your answer, together with your name, age and school, to reporters. You have recalled all the blurry memories not forgotten actually. Sometime it is gives an unexplained experience while remembering old childhood memories. Thanks for writing this article.

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Assignment help is important for students to achieve success. I have many memories and I would like to tell my most funniest memory. When I always wanted to run of class and one day I ran before the last bell and my principal saw me. Yes, we all have them and we cannot get out of our memories once we get into it. Appreciative for your understanding for your staggering posting. I'm cheery I have set aside an ideal opportunity to see this. I have examined your article, it is incredibly enlightening and steady to me.

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Until we started, he'd never read through an entire book. It's imperative that parents read to their children, and create a love of the library from a young age. Thankfully, I was raised in a household that did just that. Great post! I love libraries! The first book I remember loving to read myself is a book called Bambi's Children. Thank you, Jackie! Tracy, what a tender story. You must be very proud of your hubby.

My Earliest Memories

It's sad he didn't get the help he needed in school. It was fun to read what got you all hooked on books! Wow, I had to think about this. I remember sitting in my little Christian school in first grade four grades in one room and marveling at the wall of books in there! I could go over and pick any book. I loved these biographies about famous historical people when they were children! There were shelves of them. Those fascinated me. It continues to fascinate me to this day! Fun topic.

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I also related to Ruthie, because in 3rd grade I got pneumonia and was home in bed for six weeks. I loved Little Women the book and my mother found these Little Women paper dolls! I played all the scenes from the book with those paper dolls, rereading scenes to play them out.

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Books made my illness bearable. My earliest book memory was Pat the Bunny. It's funny to think of how excited I got over Fun with Dick and Jane at school. The first book I read by myself for fun was The Cat in the Hat. As I child I was an avid reader. I would ride my bike to the public library and return with a basket full of books. I didn't discover Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, though, until my daughter was in elementary school. Thanks for asking. What a fun stroll down memory lane! I was always an avid reader. As I recall, we used the school library in elementary school.

During summers, we'd go to the small town public library which at the time was located across from a store my mother frequented. In those days she could drop us off and we could walk over to wherever she was when we were done. I too, have had a love of reading since I was in elementary school. I have always had a book in my hand, it seems. I'm so fortunate to have had parents who helped foster my passion for reading.

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I have many more scattered memories that could count as first memories, even though they are mixed in with my impressions from watching home movies, seeing pictures, and hearing stories about my childhood. We may not know our first memory for certain, but once we try to dig it up, the world we lived in as a child begins to pour through the lens of visual thought, bringing back the atmosphere of this time into the present moment, like an incense smoke that softly curls around our present senses. Remember Me.

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