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Poem at 39 1. Poem at Thirty-Nine Alice Walker 2. Structure The poem is written in free verse. The use of enjambment accentuates a sense of remembrance. Theme: Remembrance The poem is split in two parts. She misses her father but yet strives to be like him and takes comfort in their similarities. Her message is that remembrance can take place in many forms. Language Walker uses relatively simple language to discuss relatively simple themes. How I miss my father.

I wish he had not been so tired when I was born. Writing deposit slips and checks I think of him. He taught me how. This is the form, he must have said: the way it is done. I learned to see bits of paper as a way to escape the life he knew and even in high school had a savings account. Short lines convey the message of each stanza.

This may refer to death being the way to escape the troubles of this life? He taught me that telling the truth did not always mean a beating; though many of my truths must have grieved him before the end. How I miss my father!

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He cooked like a person dancing in a yoga meditation and craved the voluptuous sharing of good food. Personification of truth - being something that grieves someone. She feels she disappointed her father. Notice the gentle artistic imagery.

Alice Walker Poem at Thirty-Nine analysis | Rukhaya M.K

This is juxtaposed with the violence of the previous stanza. Now I look and cook just like him: my brain light; tossing this and that into the pot; seasoning none of my life the same way twice; happy to feed whoever strays my way.

He would have grown to admire the woman I've become: cooking, writing, chopping wood, staring into the fire. The act of seasoning is the addition of herbs or spices to add flavour. By using the verb in this way, Walker uses it as a symbol for excitement and spontaneous action. Walker is adventurous and never seasons her life the same way twice, showing how tries to experience different things in life all the time Symbolises both the relaxing mindlessness of cooking, and the pleasure she feels at being like her father connotations of light Food, as a source of life, symbolises aid.

Walker may use this as a reference to her activism and charity. Symbolises independence and self sufficiency in all forms. Walker is a feminist. You just clipped your first slide! Source s :. Add a comment.

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I have always hated the need to put a label on anyone, or claim a label for that matter. If we call a stone, a stone, it is just that and nothing more until some outside force picks it up and uses it as a weapon. A person may endorse the feminist movement as many men do so then do we call them feminist?

If we divide by sexuality, heterosexual or not, we have to consider the case of Anne Heche, who was in a lesbian relationship before getting married, having several children, divorcing that man and I understand is engaged again to another man. We might call her confused but I think it better if we do not give her a title or label and simply consider her Anne Heche. We can say that those who marry too much younger the themselves are in the group of failures at marriage but then we have the case of charlie chaplin who married an 18 yer old when he was 54, had 8 children, and stayed married for 34 years until his death - his wife, Oona, never even dated after that but missed charlie to the point that she became an alcoholic and died some 14 years later When we put a label on a person or group of people we do not liberate them but restrict them to that category but once we remove all labels, we have freedom.

If we label a dish soap as a dish soap, we only wash dishes with it by by removing that label, we have a soapy liquid which can be used to remove grease from a driveway, wash cars or even perhaps our clothes, and we might even be able to entertain children by blowing soap bubbles. When we put a label on something it becomes too rigid, too restrictive.

We can consider frozen water as ice and we restrict it to that, being ice but when we remove the ice and allow it to warm it becomes something else, water to drink or bathe in. If we restrict a caterpillar to being only a caterpillar we can freeze it in a freezer or seal it in some type of plastic perhaps but it is restricted and can never become the more beautiful butterfly and so it is with labels. We do not open doors when we come up with a label - feminist, womanist, gay or lesbian, democratic or republican, soldier or politican, but rather we close the door too often to what we might become without that label to hold us back.

To write a parody, you first have to understand the original work. The poem "Women" is about the strong women of Alice Walker's mother's generation who worked hard and provided for their children, including providing for their education. Those women knew the value of education, even if they didn't have it themselves.

Alice Walker reads Sojourner Truth

What my parody does is change the subject from those strong women to women like Paris Hilton, who are not strong, who don't care about education, who care only for themselves and partying, etc I simply twist each line to match what I am trying to say about the Paris Hilton types, but using the structure of the original. Look carefully at what I am doing. You don't need to do the same thing yourself, you just need to find a way to turn the original poem on its head. I am sorry, but I will not do the whole thing for you, as you won't learn anything by copying my parody and turning it in as your own.

Just study my parody and the original poem, and you will see how I have changed the meaning while leaving the structure intact. You can either use my idea, or one of your own. If you want to write your parody and send me a copy via this site, I will gladly help you with it. But you have to write it yourself. There's a poem at thirty-nine and a dreadful smell at forty-two on the gate it says 'Roses are red and the sky is azure' but at forty-two it just smells of manure.

Existing questions. What do you think of Alice Walker's definition of "womanist"?

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Where can i find the poem "without commercials" by alice walker? More questions. Alice Walker's poem "Remember"? Will you please critique my poem, " Draft Averages"? Answer Questions How much does payoneer verification takes? Which one of my four poems do you think is the best? What poem has a line in it "It never rains in the complex plane"?

Can you give me some advice on how to return to writing poetry?