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People who are very successful or famous tend to be narcissists and are liable to be ruthless, self-seeking workaholics. As we can see from celebrity magazines, they are also often desperate and lonely.

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They make disastrous role models. Do you agree that celebrities make disastrous role models? Which celebrities do you think are good role models? I don't think that there's any celebrity who is a good role model. They behave in an undesirable way, at least most of them. But I learnt english by being a fan of one famous guy that I don't wanna mention name. I'm happy that I don't belong to that group anymore,.

And that's because the most popular celebs nowadays didn't really accomplish anything. I'd say the least narcissistic and truthful celebs are writers, though some use ghostwriters. Writers let other people write for them and pay money, those are ghostwriters. Not all the celebraties are standing in the same zone.

I agree with that statement, most of them are disastours role model, bad entertain, and bad manners for sure. If you know him, an korean actor :. I'm inspired from some celebrities such as Eminem,mad Demon and jet lee. They are attract us whenever I watch Film or TV. But some celebrities ridiculous. They wants to make media attention from what they do. Some celebrities over rated.

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They are lucky because They are related rich family. They have not talent.

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I have jealous to some celebrities. I want to live in big house. I want to learn high salary. Celebrities have huge money. A demon loves narcissists Wow, I feel scared but I can hoot them with laughter! Beyond all things, with Anpanman is around, we don't give a hoot! My personal opinion is that It is weird to be obsessed with a celebrity besides It is really a problem for your psychological health.

We must do things prudently. Do not cross the line.

I personally like humble celebrities. Not all celebrities are bad, a lot of them really do try to make a change and the world a safer place. Take Shailene Woodley as an example. She always takes part in charity works and always lets her fans know about problems all around the world. She is an amazing idol for teens and younger kids as well. I dislike celebrities who pretend like they work hard when in reality everything is handed to them. They are not appreciative of their fans and they are very rude from time to time.

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They also often complain that they want to be normal like everyone else. I think celebrities who get famous for doing nothing are usually the type to do the things I mentioned above. I'm not really interested at celebrities because I think that they all are fake. As some of the users said, real celebrities are scientists and sports people because they're showing us the right way to be healthy and they develop the humanity. Although, not all the actors and singers are bad, because some of them help poor people by donating for associations, which is real generous.

In my opinion,celebrities are one of our life teachers. They can teach both good and bad things. Sometimes we can learn bad habits from them. Sometimes we can learn good deeds from them. For example,Angelina Jolie is the most popular and influential person among celebrities. She has won many movie awards. Further more,she has awarded by United Nations for her humanitarian efforts. Because of her more and more people are interested in the problems faced in Africa. People don't want to listen to the boreing speech of politicians. So in that ways,celebrities can give good things. In my college, there're few fans which even say they'd rather didn't have parents more that didn't have their idol.

And I aggressively disagree with this. How sad for their young minds-.

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I'm not really interested in celebrities, you know. I don't think they show off or something, but I think they shouldn't take the common people for granted. Many people are mad on celebrities, and the celebrities just pick the rich ones and push away the poor.

That's arrogant, in my opinion. Well, when we talk about celebrities, we immediately think about famous singers or actors, but we forget about clever scientists who made a huge difference in this world, and who truly deserve to be talked about, imitated, and to be extremely wonderful role models. Creative minds and inventive spirits have a large effect on our life style, and we have to be grateful for them.

And I think that they're not harmful for their "fans", nor for themselves.

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They've only the candles that God sent to us so that we're leaded to the right path. There are celebrities who don't deserve to be seen as role models, because they haven't done anything right and appropriate. I think that good role models are the sportspeople, because they promote a healthy lifestyle and dedication.

Also good role models are the activists such as Malala Yousafzai. Unfortunately everyone today is obsessed with people who don't motivate them to be a better person. No, I don't think that it should be the celebrities responsebility to make sure that no one is jealous of them or any other thing that eople might feel for them. Sign In. Forgotten password. Invalid email address! Back to Login.