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Remember, though, that it is the quality, and not just the quantity, of the answer that counts in marks. You will need to structure your exam question in the usual way - introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. You will not need to reference your essay as you usually do in an essay, but you will need to acknowledge theory and research using relevant names.

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Albany campus Accommodation Student services Maps and transport more Manawatu campus Accommodation Student services Maps and transport more Wellington campus Accommodation Student services Maps and transport more In , the word computer became coined to a person that could perform calculations or computations. The first computers were only used…. Login Join. Home Page Essay on Computer Memory.

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Essay on Computer Memory Submitted By puppysunnysony. Open Document. Memory Devices-In the digital systems it is the memory that gives the ability to store large quantities of digital information for a short or long periods of time. Ram- Random access memory temporary storage. Rom- Read only memory permanent storage. Auxiliary Memory- is another type of storage and it is also called mass storage.

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It can store large amounts of data that are not currently being used by the CPU and operates at a much slower speed then internal memory. Flash Memory. Memory Terminology Memory Cell- it is a device or an electrical circuit used to store a single bit which is 0 or 1. Memory Word- a group of bits or cells in a memory represents information or data. Byte- 8 Bits Nibble- 4 Bits.

Capacity- specifies number of bits that can be stored in a particular memory device or in a complete memory system.

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Density- another term for capacity. Address- it is a number identifies the location of a word in memory. Each word in a memory location has a unique address. Read Operation- It is the fetch operation performed to transfer data from one address location to another. Access Time- it is the time between the memory receiving a read command signal and the data becoming available at the memory output.

In brief it is the time required to perform read operations and the symbol is tACC. Volatile Memory- Memory that requires power in order to store information.


Once the power is off the information stored will be lost. Ex: Magnetic tapes and disc here in order to find particular stored word it has to sequence through all address locations until the desired address is reached.

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Static Memory Device- here the stored data will remain permanently as long as the power is applied. The data does not have to be rewritten into memory.

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Dynamic Memory Device- Here stored data will not remain permanently even if the power is applied all the time. The following diagram shows a memory that stores 32 bit words and four bit word size.

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If the memory capacity is x 8 find the number of data inputs and output lines, also find the number of address line inputs, find the word size, and find the total number of bits stored. Also find this information for x Data can only be read from and cannot be written into.