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Essay: The Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

Consider presenting statistical data related to this issue in the introduction. For example, tell the reader that out of smokers, aged 30 and below, will die because of diseases associated with cigarette smoking. You should design an outline that will guide the reader through your paper smoothly. You can restate your main standpoint in the conclusion without going overboard. Take a look at sample essays on smoking. Why smoking is so bad?

Cause and effect of smoking cigarettes essay

Some people think that smoking should be allowed at parks and other outdoor public venues because they think that it is their choice to smoke wherever they want to. I take the position that smoking should not be allowed at parks and other outdoor public So why is Obama laughing?

He has in the past called for decriminalization of marijuana and his Justice Department has promised the DEA will ease up on medical marijuana dispensaries that comply with state law though the Feds just cracked down on a cannabis coop in San Francisco. Barack Obama inhaled. But Obama also knows how to get elected president.

Sadly, at this point in history, it remains a political liability to have become intoxicated on certain safe but illegal and stigmatized substances, like marijuana. Obama has said his past drug use was a regrettable youthful indiscretion, and he might even believe it. But why regret it? But why not imagine them as regular folks motivated by a love of liberty, justice, peace, and, sure, maybe a taste for grass?

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Why not imagine them as successful professionals, unlike Barack Obama only in political ambition? Marijuana is neither evil nor dangerous. Scientists have proven its medical uses. It has spared millions from anguish. But the casual pleasure marijuana has delivered is orders of magnitude greater than the pain it has assuaged, and pleasure matters too.

Lunch is the New Dinner

The super-savvy Barack Obama managed to turn a buck by coming out of the cannabis and cocaine closet in a bestselling memoir. Marijuana is used in many different ways. The most popular and longest used method is the joint. A joint is a hand rolled cigarette with marijuana inside. Blunts are also becoming more popular.

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A blunt is a cigar in which the tobacco is replaced with marijuana. Other methods include using glass tubes, also known as bongs, pipes, and eating. An example is mixing marijuana with brownie mix and baking it. Other bizarre ways to use marijuana include using an apple as pipe, and using other objects such as milk cartons, or soda bottles. Marijuana is also used in many combinations with other drugs. Joints are sometimes dipped into PCP and smoked. Mixing marijuana with other drugs may increase the intoxicating effects, depending on the type of drug it is mixed with and the type of marijuana it is.

Obtaining marijuana is very easy. Most teenagers obtain marijuana for free by being share it with their friends. Females are more likely to share than males.

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Most males buy their marijuana. Marijuana is easily purchased at school or in local neighborhoods. It can also be grown. In most schools across the United States there is at least one drug dealer.

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A number of different things can happen to marijuana users. They become may overly interested in ordinary, everyday things. They forget about other important things and focus on silly things. They may focus on it for long periods of time.

Also, time seems to pass very slowly. To someone that is high, minutes feel like hours. This makes the effects of marijuana feel even longer than the three or four hours they really last. This happens because marijuana makes the blood vessels expand. Along with these effects there is a loss of balance and disorientation.