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Book Reports Templates:. A collection of book report templates with different graphics to keep it interesting. The template contains room for title, author, setting, characters, character description, plot, and climax and resolution. Book Report Junior Templates:.

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A simpler book report template is used for younger learners. Instead of describing the plot, kids can just write three things that happened.

The Simple Summary

Book Report Jr. Template 2. Template 4.

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Template 6. Template 8. Template For younger learners you can build up to writing junior book reports using the setting of a story resources for young learners. How much time passes in the story—a day? The Plot is what happens. You want to tell what the story is mostly about. What is the main event or conflict? What things lead up to it? What happens as a result? How does the story end?

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Sometimes you want to avoid telling the ending, or giving away the secrets of the story. Be careful not to re-tell the whole story in detail—you want room in your report to write about other things; instead, just say enough about it so the rest of your report will make sense. The Characters are who the story is about.

The main character is called the protagonist. Who are the other important characters?

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Do they help or hinder the protagonist? Once you have summarized the book, you can tell what you think about it.

You can write about whatever opinions you have. Some questions you might want to answer are:. This is just a sentence or two to sum up your report.

How to Teach Second-Graders to Write Book Reports

Give your overall opinion of the book and the most important thing you want other people to know about it. Homework Center — Writing Skills.

See also:. Homework Center — Writing Skills Book reports are a way to show how well you understood a book and to tell what you think about it. Introduction Things to include in the introduction: The title underlined and author of the book.