Resume cover letter for a job fair

In this case, browsing sample cover letters can help you get started.

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If you are attending a job fair simply to learn more about the companies and opportunities presented, though, stick with your resume and don't worry about a cover letter. Other Questions Needing Answers. Search by similar questions or keywords. Related Content.

Sample Cover Letter Job Fair

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For example, the candidate in the sample letter used this space to show his personal commitment to environmental causes aligns with the company's green initiatives. Don't get lazy in the final few sentences of your cover letter -- it's important to finish strong. Be straightforward about your interest and enthusiasm about the new position, and tell them you're available to talk about the opportunity at any time.

Be sure to include your phone number and email address. At this point, the ball is rightly in the recruiter's court to decide how to follow up. Last but certainly not least, thank them for their time and consideration. Use a formal sign-off like "Best," "All the best," or "Sincerely," and finish by typing out your full name.

You don't need to sign it with a pen. When applying to a data-driven position, it might be tempting to inject your cover letter with, well, the data to describe what you've done for other employers. But in an application letter -- particularly for the marketing industry -- how you convey this data is just as important as the data itself.

The cover letter template above, which we created here at HubSpot, can help you present the data that's most important to you as a candidate such that it'll matter to your future employer.

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Notice the three bullet points near the center of the letter above, preceded by the statement: " I've developed a strategy that has helped the company achieve Under those three circumstances, a straight-to-the-point cover letter like the one above could be your best bet. Because it's so concise, however, make a point to add your own letterhead above the message itself. It might be easy for a recruiter to sift through a short and sweet cover letter like the one above, but it's just as easy for it to get lost in the shuffle of their application list without a unique design or format.

Just because a friend or colleague recommended you for a job doesn't mean the company is all set to hire you. Therefore, the cover letter template above is written specifically for referrals. We made this one here at HubSpot. Download it here it comes with four other cover letter templates , too. As you can see in the picture above, the first paragraph of the cover letter is dedicated entirely to acknowledging the circumstances of your applying: You know someone who works there -- no harm in that.

But there might be harm in not mentioning it to the hiring manager.

Telling the reader about your connection at the company shows you're aware and confident of the actions you take to get the opportunities you're interested it. Ultimately, it's better than the recruiter hearing about your employee connection from somebody else. As for the rest of the cover letter, treat your message the same way you would if you had applied with no connection from within. Your skills and successes are no less important because of your internal referral. The cover letter template above was designed by Microsoft Office, and as comprehensive as it looks, it's completely free to download and modify.

As it looks right now, this cover letter contains about half photo, half text. Feel free to shrink and change the image to give yourself more room to tell your story. Of course, a nice washed-out image that expresses who you are can be part of that story The header bar also allows this template to go well with a resume of the same format. As you personalize this letter with your own experience, make note of the social networks and industry software included in this template.

You'll see along the top that LinkedIn, email, and personal website are all available for you to fill with your own information. This cover letter, shown above, is focused specifically on a marketing role. Notice how the writer includes references to important marketing metrics and terminology. If you're applying to a data-driven role, you might not want to fill the page with a story of your experience in paragraph form, like Template 1 does at the beginning of this article.

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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job Fair

Instead, consider highlighting three or four, or five of your successes that you believe the hiring manager would resonate most with, in bulleted form. As a marketing professional, breaking up your letter with bulleted details like the ones above shows a respect for the hiring manager's limited time -- a mentality that all marketers must understand when communicating with a brand's audience. CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed might take the lion's share of your job searches online, but still some employment opportunities come out of a trade show, job fair, or similar networking event.

For those occurrences, you have the follow-up cover letter template above. As you can see in the second paragraph, the letter is particularly useful to people who are about to graduate college.

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Here's another cover letter template from Microsoft Office. This one has a light touch of color in the design just above the letterhead, but make no mistake -- the template caters to any professional looking to make a good first impression on their future employer. Don't let the logo space on the top-right of the page confuse you. This can be the logo of the company to which you're applying -- to quickly get the attention of the recruiter -- or your own logo.

Cover letter for a job fair sample - Consideration

Perhaps you freelance on the side or simply like branding yourself. This cover letter template is meant for customization. If you don't have enough experience to fill the entire page, don't worry. Feel free to write to a length you think is representative of who you are and what the hiring manager wants to see. No matter how long your final cover letter is, the above template is your opportunity to show your attention to detail -- from your contact information in the top header, to the personalized address line where you can include the name of the hiring manager. Dennis says cover letters aren't necessary at a job fair.

Follow Up Request a business card from each hiring manager, and jot down a few notes immediately after each conversation -- this will help refresh your memory when you follow up. Email or mail a thank-you note within 24 hours of the job fair.

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