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Nevada, Reno, 99 p. Anderson, Brent C. Anderson, George H. Arehart, Greg B. Michigan, p. Argus, Donald Francis, , Current plate motions and crustal deformation [Ph. Armstrong, D. London, Armstrong, Jeffrey A. Armstrong, P.

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Asch, Theodore Herzl, , Mapping and monitoring of electrical resistivity with subsurface arrays [Ph. Askren, Daniel R. Georgia, p. Washington, scale: , Axen, Gary James, , Tertiary extension, magmatism, and thrust reactivation in the southern Great Basin, and a mechanical model for detachment faulting [Ph.

Aymard, William H. Nevada, p. Babcock, Loren Edward, , Biogeography, phylogenetics, and systematics of some Middle Cambrian polymeroid trilobites from open-shelf to basinal lithofacies of North Greenland and Nevada [Ph. Kansas, p. Banaszak, Konrad J. Bard, Thomas R. Nevada, Reno, 60 p. Barnhart, Stephen F. Colorado, p. California, Berkeley, scale , Wyoming, Laramie, 83 p. Nevada, Reno, p. Bartel, Douglas J. Nebraska, Lincoln, 56 p. Barton, Paul B. Basham, W.

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Oklahoma, p. Nevada, Reno, 98 p. Batchelder, John N. Bateman, Philip Walker, , Geological and geochemical characteristics of selected stratiform mercury deposits in Nevada and their relationship to precious metal deposits [Ph. Bates, Edmond Elkins, Jr. California, Los Angeles. Bateson, J. Batra, Ravi, , Travel-times and crustal structure in the Nevada region from earthquakes, nuclear explosions, and mine blasts [M. Nevada, Reno, 78 p. Battles, Denise Anne, , The hydrothermal evolution of the Shamrock Batholith, western Nevada, and the origin of sodium-rich alteration in the western United States [Ph.

California, p. Beaty, Chester B. Bebout, Brad Maurice, , Interactions of nitrogen and carbon cycling in microbial mats and stromatolites [Ph. North Carolina, Chapel Hill, p. Beck, Brian A. Beck, Paul J. Minnesota, Minneapolis. Becker, John E. Behken, Fred H.

Behnke, Jerold J. Nevada, Reno, 42 p. Western Ontario, Canada, p.


Belnap, Dennis W. Tulsa, p.

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California, Santa Barbara, p. Bentz, Mark G. Benzer, William B. Bercaw, L. Colorado, Boulder, , Bercaw, Louise B. California, Santa Barbara. Berge, John S. Berry, Alan R. Oregon, Eugene, 74 p. Bigalow, Crague C. Bird, Jill M. Birnie, Robert I. Maine, p. Black, Paul R. Arizona, 85 p. Blake, J. Blomquist, John T.

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Nevada, Reno, 79 p. Bohm, Burkhard W. Bonham, Harold F. Nevada, Reno, 83 p. Booth, G. Nevada, Reno, Nevada, Reno, 69 p. Nevada, Reno, 73 p. Wisconsin-Madison, p. Bortz, Louis C. Nevada, Reno, 56 p. Thesis UMI Botbol, Joseph N. Boudreau, M, , Diagenetic and deformational structures in cherts of the Havallah sequence, Nevada [M.

Bourque, Michael W.

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Illinois, Urbana, p. Bouse, Robin, , Isotopic, chemical and petrographic characteristics of stratiform manganese oxide deposits in the Lake Mead region, southeastern Nevada; implications for the origin of the deposits [M. Rhode Island. Bowman, Scott A.

S]: Univ. Missouri, Rolla, 84 p.

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Boyd, Harry R. Nebraska, Lincoln, 66 p.

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Bray, Timothy D. Illinois, Urbana, scale , Brem, G.