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This is great for helping you create a detailed class list for each term, plan out when you can graduate and more. Remember how I said that routines are one of the three pillars in staying organized in school? Well, this page is specifically designed to help you do just that! Here, you have a space for a morning routine or task list, nightly routine, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, yearly tasks, and a blank area for notes.

The Habit Tracker is a space for you to be able to track your progress of completing your daily habits for the entire month. It is great to track small tasks that are related to goals or small reminders to help create healthy habits. In order to prepare for every semester, you may choose to use a Semester Preparation Checklist. This is an organized list with suggested tasks to ensure a successful semester.

There is also an after semester check list, and a space for notes as well as your semester start and end dates.

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Tip: In order to use this page to its fullest, check out my article: How to Prepare for a Successful Semester. The College Packing List is a comprehensive packing list you can use to assist in packing for college each year. Works great for the dorms and college apartments. Tip: If you want more information about college packing and what exact items I recommend, check out this post! Also, HERE is my post about what essentials you should always keep in your school bag. The My Lists pages are designed to organize your random thoughts and ideas. Here, you can add your wish list, bucket list, reading list, rewards lists, and much more.

The blank lists are great for creating organized to do lists. Here are some great list ideas and resources to get you started:. This page is where you can keep any and all of your user names and passwords or password hints for any online accounts you may have… pretty straight forward but incredibly useful! The Project Dashboard is a page that can be used to organize your thoughts and ideas for any project, both school or non-school related.

To use this page to its fullest potential, check out my Ultimate Guide to Project Planning. This list is a series of tasks that can be completed to plan out any project. Again, I highly recommend you check out my Ultimate Guide to Project Planning to use this page to its fullest potential.

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The Course Information pages are designed to help you break down your class syllabus. Here, you can organize all of your syllabus information into a more cohesive and organized manner. You have space for all of the relevant course information including class number, meeting time, professor, etc. The Grade Tracker is a tool you can use to keep track of your class grade and goals.

You have space to add your title full class name , course class number , credits, goal grade, final grade, and a reward for meeting that final grade.

myHomework Student Planner

Under the Grade Progress section, you will see a blank graph ready to be filled in as the weeks go on. Finally, the bottom half and second page is an area to keep track of what grade you receive on each assignment. This Assignment Planner sheet can be used to organize and plan your thoughts for each assignment. You have space fill in your goal grade, points worth, class, start date, due date, rubric, tasks, notes, and more. This Assignment Tracker is my favorite planning tool for class assignments. On this page, you have space to list every single assignment for each class. One great way to use this tracker is to actually combine all of your assignments for the entire semester, color code them by class, and organize by deadline.

This way, at one glance, you can see which assignment is due next! The only difference is the title. You can use these two different pages to distinguish between a larger class project perhaps a group project and a class assignment such as a smaller homework assignment. This Essay Planner page is similar to the Assignment Planner, but is designed to help you organize your thoughts and certain tasks around creating an exceptional essay.

There is a space for points worth, deadline, brainstorm, tasks, and more. There are already some tasks listed for you, with space to add your own as well.

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Tip: Want to learn more about writing successful papers? The Semester Goals page is a worksheet you can fill out at the beginning of each semester or quarter. Here, you can write in your top yearly goals and rewards as well as your large semester goals. Each semester goal can be broken down into monthly goals, action steps, and deadlines with a small space for notes. Tip: I highly recommend you create a personal mission statement before writing out your goals, this is a fantastic place to start!

HERE is my post on how to create your own! The Exam Study Schedule is a detailed study plan designed to assist in your studying needs. You have space for your exam title, goal grade, actual grade, study period, individual tasks, notes and more.

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  • Online project calculator will break your task into stages and provide you with useful tips. Apart from planning calculator, we also offer to use assignment calculator grade to keep track of your results. This tool can help you not only count your current grades, but also show a grade you need to achieve during your final exam on a subject. High school and college students are among the most regular users of our tools. The service provides support with studies. If you want to complete a writing assignment by yourself and make it in the most proper way, use online assignment planner and work on your essay according to the schedule.

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    • The assignment planner is very important, especially when you want to be the best in class and get the highest grades. Feel free to check how the tool works and deal with your academic writing assignments easily. It is also useful for freelance writers, especially ones who only start their carrier. It is important to develop a habit and learn how to work according to the schedule. If you want to get the highest grades for various writing assignments and projects, you should learn how to complete tasks according to a plan.

      Stick to a schedule and finish assignments by the deadline. Assignment planning calculator is an excellent tool to keep you motivated.

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      It helps students learn how to work on long term and short term tasks efficiently. You will get your work divided into steps and are easy to follow. Step by step, you will have a paper completed on time. There is no need to rush. Clever planning and thorough work will bring you higher results. Apart from assignment planner and grade calculator you can use our editing tools to enhance your paper. Are you convinced that this is a good idea? Try these four steps to develop a plan for your semester that will ultimately save you loads of time.

      First, makes sure when you do this, write it down. This can be on a regular old calendar. It doesn't really matter where you write it down -- what's truly important is that you write it down. Click To Tweet. Just type out your plans on a digital planner or calendar. It works great. Also, since I forget easily, I get reminders emailed to me. This is key. You need a syllabus.