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To avoid it one has to make lies to save themselves. Abigail Williams is one of the most important people in this story because she tells by far the most lies because she needs to protect herself because she was one of many that started the witch craft controversy. The decision she is faced with is to stop lying and tell the truth then she would most likely be killed or keep lying to save herself but when it starts getting out of control the decision is stressed because when she feels threatened by the evidence brought to court she needs to make a decision and quick.

Abigail starts this witch craft fiasco when she fells that she would be put to death for dancing naked in the woods. When they were out in the woods Mr. Parris found them and the next day found his daughter motionless in bed. This is when Abigail starts her chain of lies to protect her and the other girls. She says they danced but she did not tell Parris about the other things that they did like conjure spirits and that Abigail drank blood. To get the other girls to follow along with her she threatened the girls all because she just wants witch craft out of the question.

The only way Abigail can get witchcraft from her name is to be an accuser or a justice and not be the accused so she needs to turn the tables by starting to blame other people for witch craft. I never called him!

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Tituba, Tituba […] she made me do it! She made Betty do it! This just goes to show how ruthless Abigail is and how she will do anything to save herself and to keep her name clean. Tituba reluctantly gives in to the accusations after the realization that it was necessary in order to save her life. This action on part of Abigail helps shift blame and suspicion from herself solely to that of Tituba.

Tituba invents lies and sends the witchcraft fear further into a sense of fear for Salem. Abigail wants her name clean and her thinking is if she admits to dancing with the Devil and acts as if she repents for it then nobody will suspect her for a witch. Miller This refers to the affair that Abigail and John had when Abigail worked for him.

It is also a testament to the way that Abigail feels she really wants John to leave Elizabeth and go to her and she is willing to do anything to make that happen. When she realizes that she has a chance to frame Elizabeth she accuses Elizabeth of witch craft, because she wants to accuse Elizabeth on the grounds of Elizabeth being angry about the affair John and Abigail ha. Her thinking was that if she could not have John then no one can. Abigail feels as if she has won Johns wife is in jail and she knows that John still has feelings for her, so she feels like she can take the place of Elizabeth.

In the midst of dressing down Danforth for doubting her, Abigail suddenly seems to go into a trance or some other altered state. During this fit, she looks at Mary Warren with the implication being that Mary is the one causing this — the other girls follow Abigail's lead and do the same. When Abigail looks up to heaven and asks for strength, however, she is assaulted, yelled at, and accused of being a harlot by John Proctor.

Abigail leads the girls into another fit after Elizabeth Proctor exits the courtroom, this one explicitly targeting Mary Warren as the source:.

The crucible – role of abigail in the play Essay Example

Envy is a deadly sin, Mary. She and the other girls descend into full-blown hysteria, mimicking Mary Warren's every action and word until Mary caves under the pressure and accuses John Proctor of being the Devil's man. What happened to Abigail? Abigail is the most complex female character in The Crucible. Unlike Rebecca Nurse the wise, saintly old woman , Elizabeth Proctor the frigid and betrayed wife , Mary Warren the girl who just wants to feel important and fit in with the cool kids , or Tituba the slave who was forced into saving herself by accusing others of witchcraft , Abigail's character cannot be neatly labeled as just one thing.

Instead, there is a complex interaction of different motivations that lead Abigail to act as she does during the events of the play. In Act 1, Abigail does seize upon the opportunity to divert blame from herself to first Tituba and Ruth p. She doesn't care at all about the fates of the women being blamed - she's just accusing them to further her own ends.

A wind, a cold wind, has come. Her eyes fall on Mary Warren. Here's just a smattering of other arguments that could be made to support this conclusion or thesis:. She purposefully throws a fit to discredit Mary and pressure Mary into recanting her statement to protect herself. She wants to avoid trouble not because she wants to make everyone happy, but because that is the safest thing to do.

All of you. We danced. Being found guilty of these acts, however, will merit far less punishment than being found guilty of adultery and of trying to kill the wife of the man you committed adultery with. It could be argued that part of Abigail's desire to avoid trouble at all costs stems from her traumatic past.

Crucible Abigail Williams Essay

When The Crucible begins, Abigail is an orphan living with her uncle and cousin, but her parents didn't just die of cholera or some other natural cause. For example, take a look at this series of exchanges between Hale, Parris, and Abigail:. Abigail, what sort of dancing were you doing with her in the forest?

Did you call the Devil last night? Step by step, Abigail adds more information as she is pressed to explain herself by Hale and Parris. HALE: Did you feel any strangeness when she called him? A sudden cold wind, perhaps? A trembling below the ground? Abigail's breaking point happens when Tituba is brought into the room — the only way out for Abigail to maintain her status as a good and proper girl and to avoid getting into even more trouble is to strike first; there is no other option that ends well for her in this scenario.

Distress , used under CC BY 2. Abigail has gained an enormous amount of power and authority since her introduction in Act 1, which means that she no longer has to worry as much about her reputation - anything negative that's said about her she can lie about, and her word will be believed as it is with Mary Warren. Abigail does, however, still try to avoid answering the question of whether or not she committed adultery with John Proctor:.

But this could also be her still trying to walk the fine line of avoiding getting into trouble and avoiding telling lies, particularly because this subject is one that she cares about.

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  • I'll begin the discussion of this motivator through a common discussion question asked about Abigail in The Crucible :. He was 18 years older and her employer?

    And he constantly threatens to whip women of a lower social status if they displease him? That's still uncomfortable and upsetting. Thus, Miller very much shaped Abigail's character from an year-old servant girl into a sexually predatory woman and used that to drive conflict in the play. I know you, John. I know you. She is weeping. She clutches him desperately. Wipe it out of mind. We never touched, Abby. Abigail thinks to win him back and get revenge on his wife at the same time by accusing Elizabeth of witchcraft Act 2 …or at least, so Proctor seems to think.

    Abigail's real motivation for getting Elizabeth Proctor out of the way, however, is somewhat opaque. Use the information in the above analysis about Abigail to bolster your comparison. Portraits of two women , used under CC BY 2. To be mistrusted, denied, questioned like a—.

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    Think you to be so mighty that the power of Hell may not turn your wits? Beware of it! Abigail talks back to Danforth in court, and rather than yelling at her, he weakens in his own conviction. She then follows this up with a not-so-veiled threat that underscores her power - if he crosses Abigail, maybe he'll find himself accused of witchcraft.

    Even though in Act 4 Parris reveals to Danforth that Abigail is a runaway thief, that is not enough to diminish her power — those who she accused of being witches are still set to hang.