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The Truth About Magic. The Dark Between Stars. Inside My Mother.

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Romanticism & Contemporary Culture

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New York: Random House, Tanner, Tony. Verhoeven, W. Revolutionary Histories: Transatlantic Cultural Nationalism, Revolutions and Watersheds: Transatlantic Dialogues Amsterdam: Rodopi, Weisbuch, Robert. Skip to main content. Romantic Circles has moved! It also has a new look. Find out more about our move, redesign, and plans for the future here. This awareness is of a life which is that of an ideal United States or England which the writer, if he is in a correct relation to it, releases in his work.

Unless he does have such a relation, his work will be peripheral to that center or turned inward upon itself. Chai argues that "the American Renaissance [was] the final phase of a movement that begins with European Romanticism," a phase characterized by formal self-consciousness and even mannerism: After certain aesthetic or conceptual norms attain the level of conscious expression What so often results might be described as a subjectivization of those norms, that is, their externalization into the medium of expression itself, and a simultaneous inner transformation of their content and significance.

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Conversely, to restore a British dimension to American literature is to politicize it: to reveal its intertwinement with the discourses of heresy, blasphemy, and insurrection, rather than understanding that writing as an expression of local cultures or natural rights. The dark Satanic mills, too, were now in evidence xiii. For Gravil, the flow of ideas and cultural formations around the Atlantic Rim follows the flow of modernization, and this insight grounds the spectacularly detailed historicity of his readings of the complex web of reciprocal literary influence: Just as Hawthorne and Dickens engage in a symbiotic exchange, with Hawthorne amply repaying his debts to Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Keats by helping to form the composite of fictional styles we know as Dickensian; and just as Emerson assists Carlyle in transforming Romantic insights into Victorian—and then Nietzschian—forms of Transcendence; so Whitman and Dickinson reshape and re-equip the lyric tradition as it essentializes itself in Tennyson, preparing the modernity of Hopkins, Eliot, and Lawrence.

About this Page. About the Author s. JSON What's this? As you're browsing RC, you might see small buttons scattered on various pages. These buttons let you download that page's content in a ready-to-use data file! Learn more on our RC Data page. Teaching Romanticism with the Contemporary. Romanticism, Ecology and Pedagogy. The essays in this collection offer practical ways of improving students' skills at explicating British literature of the Romantic period, while helping them to understand Romanticism's contribution to the history of modern British War Poetry in the Age of Romanticism.

An electronic edition of Bennett's collection of poems highlighting the complex attitudes to the wars of the period.

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An interview with noted Romanticist Jerome Christensen, presented in the form of a multi-linked site organized around a constellation of "common topics" found in Christensen' Romanticism and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics. Looks at the influence of Romanticism on poets writing today, presenting three divergent analyses of five contemporary poets. Includes contributions from both Romanticists and